A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Throw Your Face Off is a split-screen shooter/capture the flag game where each player takes control of an Ice Cream and tries to capture as many areas as possible before the time runs out. Throw your Ice Cream at flags to claim an area or at your opponent to slow them down.

Two XBox controllers required.

Left Analog: Move/Strafe
Right Analog: Turn
Right Trigger: Throw Ice Cream
Left Trigger: Quick Boost
Left Bumper: Jump
Back: Restart Game

Shelley Lowe | Programmer | @_shelleylowe_
Farah Khalaf | Artist | @farahkhlf
Krystal Thompson | Artist | @KrystalRoose

Special Thanks:
Matt Read | @IgnifluousMusic | For his awesome music
Sam Kim | @samkim_illus | For his awesome rigging/animation tutelage

Made during #kiwijam15, a 48 hour game jam held in Auckland, NZ.


Kiwijam15 Submission 28 MB
ThrowYourFaceOff_WIN.zip 29 MB
ThrowYourFaceOff_OSX.zip 31 MB